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Carbon Dioxide Emissions Calculation CO2

The emission of greenhouse gases (particularly carbon dioxide CO2) as a result of human activities cause climate change namely global warming. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases is one of the biggest challenges of mankind today.

The production of electricity from fossil sources and fuel consumtion in the transport sector are the main sources of greenhouse gases. However activities such as materials and water consumption, waste production, may be reflected in terms of energy consumption and consequently emissions of greenhouse gases, so these emissions are an excellent indicator of the environmental performance of a organization.

Measures to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide may even reduce operating costs, of economic activities, in terms of energy, water and raw materials consumption.

We calculate the carbon dioxide emissions associated with any organization or event. For organizations wishing to develop a Voluntary Carbon Management Plan we determine the activities that cause emissions of greenhouse gases, calculated in terms of CO2, and develop measures for its reduction and / or compensation.


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